Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Holla if you here me

Going to open one of the CNE packs I picked up way back in August last year and has been sitting near my desk ever since. I picked this one up because from the side, it looked like most the cards were made on newer card stock - so stuff I probably don't have, regardless of what sport that may mean.

Let's start with the expected of some hockey cards...
Quite the nice set variety here. The 90s Pro Set and Score are dupes, but most the rest are new for me. Best of the bunch is the one that will make it into my insert collection - the Power Play Cechmanek.

Never seen the set before - but a nice design. The only change I would make is, on the front, lower the Name logo right to the bottom and use the lost white space in the picture. This will be one of the first Lowry cards as a Raptor too which is neat.

Here we start getting to the lesser sports as far as available card sets are concerned. I don't collect golf, but at least have some knowledge of these players.

I haven't been one to get into watching or following MMA, so no need for these, but really interesting and coll to see these in hand.

Enduring Freedom
From 2001 Topps, these military cards are interesting, but of no interest to me.

Bog Poppa Pump is your hook up! I consider this mt first wrestling card I am keeping since deciding to hold on to whichever ones I get. I never was into TNA much, always been a WWE guy, even with WCW back in the day.

Makes the pack worthwhile to me by itself, Steiner math would put this pack at about 27 cards, though it is 20, but even at just 20 for the $1 or so, well worth it.

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