Monday, March 12, 2018

An Atomic Trade

I like die cut cards. I probably shouldn't. They don't always sit right in pages, they sometimes slip out of the hand when in a stack of cards. That being said, I still really like them.

Now put those cards into a McDonalds set and it gets even better.

Now, pick up the four Leafs you are missing from the set (okay, I only had one before this, but the extra four make the 5 cards in the base set for the Leafs), and that makes a great trade.

That is exactly what happened with kdinthejaw at As for the name, I can only assume it is a reference to enjoying Kraft Dinner....

So the cards I got, which is what you really want to see...

I have seen a number of other cards from the base set, most coming from the Santa Lot, and for whatever reason, they tend to somewhat split apart with wear. Having these cards in excellent condition with no such wear is great and much appreciated.

A last thought to leave everyone with...and one I get more and more these days about players I remember well watch....seeing how young Stajan was on his rookie card....I must be getting a bit older these days....

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