Saturday, March 17, 2018

My First Booklet

So here it is...

This is my first booklet card, and it came in a trade with TCDB member wbaker01. I had a lot of cards he needed for sets, and I ended up sending out I believe, a 660 count box. In exchange, he sent a small package back. Honestly, I was happy to get rid of a bunch of cards as is my goal this year, but if I was getting something back, getting less than I gave up was great.

Being my first, I will have to figure out the best way to store it. I was to enjoy it, so just having it closed and in a case seems like a waste, but not sure having it just open on  shelf is the best either....any thoughts?

Even better is what I got since I was not expecting anything like this. The booklet wasn't the only card sent, though it was the highlight for me.

This add is great as my 1981 Topps Toronto team set is now reduced to just needing card 488 - Damasco Garcia's card.

1982 Topps was also brought down on the Toronto Team set, cutting my needs in half with...

The cards sent also finished off a couple insert type sets...

These finish a second copy of the Diamond King cards (I have a full 1990 base set now, and a second copy of these), though I ended up doubling up in trades on a couple of the cards here, but not to worry on that one, and also finished off the 1990 Donruss MVP insert set as well. The score cards move that team set along as well (to go with the 1990 base set I have).

Getting back to hockey...

These give me two of the three 1984-85 Topps Leaf base cards, and the only 1989-90 Topps Sticker insert for the Leafs.

Then we end with...

Mostly, a bunch of Leaf needs, but also one O Pee Chee insert need from the early 90s Russians. I will say, I didn't even know about the Electric Ice inserts back in the 90s. Wasn't until seeing them in trading getting back into the hobby a few years ago that I knew they existed. Glad to pick up here, as well as the sweet SN to 100 Kaberle as well.

Overall, I am glad to have done the trade, reduced the cards in the collection, while getting some really nice, and unexpected cards in return for the collection! Oh, and my first booklet card...woo hoo!


  1. There are magnetic one-touch holders and top loaders available for open booklet cards. I try to keep mine open to look at them.

    1. I'll have to take a look, but I'd want to keep it open to look at too.

    2. Yeah the top loaders for booklets are made for them to be shown open up.

    3. I am going to have to look into that right now...hand't even thought about the fact that they would make a decent protective cover for these booklets.

  2. Nice booklet. Picking up my own booklet remains on my want list.