Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My first 2017-18 Upper Deck Hockey Packs

I am slow to the party, I know. I am never overly interested in being the first to jump at the newest sets coming out. What is the point - I have so many cards missing from my collection that have been for years or decades. I will get around to 2017-18 cards eventually.

That said, I got my haircut and ended up in the Dollar Tree near by shortly thereafter. In Canada, the Dollar Tree stores don't generally have much when it comes to sports cards except every now and then, they end up with the cheapie packs of cards such as 3 card packs of Pokemon cards (instead of the usual 10) and in the case, 4 card packs of 2017-18 Upper Deck. These packs are $1.25 each, but from the package, will always be just base cards.

In all honesty, for a base set collector, these might be the way to go in working on a set as (atleast in Canada), you get more bank for your buck on these packs. The real question to me was, whether the base sets would all be duds.

So, with that in mind, and for a chance to share with you, I picked up 5 packs and opened four (keeping one for the unopened pack collection)...

So from the four of these...

Nice pic on the front know...the new franchise guy....

I got the following cards...

I love the off ice photos so much more generally than those on ice. Krug may just be walking out of the dressing room, but the difference in the card is just so refreshing. I hope there are more from the set like this.

Hartman would have been an even better card if he was trying to look back at the puck sneaking away.

I will say from these, that even the on ice photos are pretty darn good in this set. The odd angle up on Holden, the after game shot of Vesey - just great photo picks.

So unfortunately no Leafs, but we do get my first Golden Knight, and he was picked to be the franchise for the early year(s), which would be a great challenge professionally for Fleury, and at least this year, I would say he succeeded regardless of where the year goes from here.

Overall - a good product and nice artwork, so I look forward to picking up the Leafs from the base set at the very least.

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