Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Up for a game of cards

I covered one trade yesterday, and have another to share today. This one was with tjhorak, also through tradingcarddb.com as this is still basically the only place I work to make trades, other than those who contact me through the blog.

Not a big trade, but they never have to be big trades to be interesting trades. We have a few Leafs and a few Jays, but a lot of interesting.

A base Leaf card may not be too interesting, but it is Douggie...

Here we get into mid-90s inserts, and obviously one related to foreign players, Mats beign from Sweden and all. Still, two Leafs, two great captains from the teams past.

Back to Douggie with an excellent Zenith insert from Pinnacle 1996-97. Though a bit dark in design,  nice card which highlights his 1989 run as a Flame to The Cup. If only he could have done the same in Toronto.

The early Upper Deck baseball holograms never scan well, but nice to get this one from 1991.

Saving the best for last...

1992 playing cards. I don't plan on generally collecting any Jays playing cards, but I won't say no if they come across my doorstep. Especially with excellent photo work such as Alomar here.

An excellent trade (and thanks again to tjhorak).


  1. Nice Maple Leafs cards - especially like the Gilmour’s. Gotta show the back of those Leaf cards - they’re awesome!

    1. They are - I should do a post of awesome backs...there are a few that really do stand out to share.