Sunday, May 20, 2018

Insert Attax

The 15 wrestling cards today (following up on the pack opened yesterday) come out of three sets - two different Attax sets, and some more 2017 Then Now Forever inserts.

Again worth mentioning that these are a great pick up since the set (and the one below) were European releases and not released in North America. I know this is a game, but I do wonder how they come up with the attack and defence numbers. Are these based on "in their prime" or at a certain other point? Trish has a better attack than Bruno?

Also worth mentioning - I really like the double photo on the front, with the subtle second picture in the top left corner of the card. Something they should have kept the next year...

A more colourful design for the 10th Edition of the Slam Attax game, but I do like the prior version better overall.

As for the are the new ones for me...

I wouldn't have guessed that these packs would already have me over 50% complete on this insert set!

A couple duplicates though, if anyone is interested...

An excellent pack overall given the cards from Europe and the inserts - wish each of the rest would be the same!

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