Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pack Attack - 2017 Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball

I was interested in opening one of these packs when I broke into the box this past weekend...

2017 Honus Bonus was supposed to be a fantasy card game and set of baseball cards for collecting all wrapped together into one.

The way it worked apparently was to buy the cards in packs, then go online, set up a free account, and then scratch the code on the backs of the cards to get that player available to choose in your fantasy baseball team for the year.

I will give full credit for the unique idea. I don't think it panned out that great, but unique nonetheless.

It is also an interesting set because it isn't parallel and insert heavy as everything else these days. There are silver parallels inserted one per pack - the only difference from the base card being that the card has a silver foil HBP logo instead of a non-foil one. There are some other inserts, but not many at all - a number of one of one type milestones and sketch art cards and dealer specific cards.

None of those here, but let's take a look.

I love the colour accent with the fronts, though the black and white player pose - would have preferred the reverse.

Can't complain too much about the players - like the Votto and Sano.

As for the backs...

Nice to have the one prior year in stats, but that is all you get. For a game about fantasy baseball, I would have though more stats would be useful. Lots of information on pushing to the website, not surprising, but takes over the back.

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