Monday, May 14, 2018

No food issue issues here

As with most collectors (I think), food issue card collecting is one of the nice collecting sources outside the main flagship and other major releases. Food issue are usually a bit harder to find after the fact, and as such, become a nice add on when you can find them.

Though cards have been paired with many different foods over the years including pizza and pastries, the main ones that always come to mind are McDonalds and Tim Hortons given the recent run of hockey cards there.


Just another reason why I like these types of cards from the Santa Lot. Only been a few out of this set, so nice to see a couple more and the design and feel of the cards is generally similar to the recent Timmies sets.

The rest

Even with the Santa Lot, the time period of about 1997-2004 has not been heavily represented, so a couple 2003-04 Upper Deck hockey cards here is nice to see.I think the design would have been better served not having the dupe picture done in the strip of colour at the bottom of the card.


Yes, many of the same sets as usual - but how can you not like that Calgary Hitmen logo card? If you are going to do ads or insert cards, an easy way to make them collectible and kept - throw logos on them! Heck, throw a nice big golden arch on the insert, and it could be doubly collectible.

Through 11720 cards:
Specific Accomplishments:
- Complete 2003-04 SP Authentic Basketball (90 card pure base)
- Complete 2005 Upper Deck Classics (100 card pure base)
- 3 Complete 2007-08 UD McDonald's Hockey Checklist Subsets (6 cards)
- 1973-74 O-Pee-Chee Hockey #30 Bobby Orr (All-Star)
- 2004-05 Upper Deck Legends Classics Platinum #64 Marcel Dionne Platinum 06/10
- 2007-08 Topps Base (x 4) and 1957-58 Variations Basketball  #112 Kevin Durant (Rookie)
- 2009-10 Topps #321 Stephen Curry (Rookie)
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers Other
Toronto 188 26
Inserts / Var Kept 373 63
Error 19 3
Keep 2296 352
Doubles/Sell 2073 270 1952 3181 312 43
Doubles Inserts / Var 158 4 190 217    

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