Sunday, May 13, 2018

Something European

Some more wrestling cards today with another pack I picked up, just like yesterday. The cards in thia one come from two very different sets, so let's take a look at a familiar one, and a not so familiar one....

2017 Then Now Forever inserts for finishers and signature moves. Going off the one yesterday, I guess we will be seeing not just base cards in these packs (yay!). All three of these are needs so I am already up to 21 of the 50 card insert set. There was a duplicate as well...

Favourite of the bunch would have to be the Pedigree, but nice timing on the photo used for the Lionsault.

So that set isn't new, but this one is....2016 Topps WWE Slam Attax Takeover. This is because, although the first few sets were released in North America in the late 00s, the sets that continued on, including this one, were continued in Europe only. It does make there a nice pick up generally as the access here would be a little more limited.

Decent design for a card game, and I like the set up of the cards. I haven't looked up how to play, the rules or anything like that, and I don't plan to, but these are nice from a collection standpoint.

The bank statement is a nice finisher, especially on someone like Charlotte though who is quite bendy and can make the torque look so painful.

The set goes from new wrestlers, including those in NXT, to current roster like Apollo and (at the time) Bubba Ray.

There are even some legends included like Classy Freddie Blassie. Blassie was always a manager as I missed out on his wrestling days, but man, he was a great heel manager.

We end with a tag team card, as the 299 card set includes some tag teams as well - not sure how that works out to be fair in the game...but no matter.

So, I end up a card short, but otherwise, again really happy with the pack. Best card will have to be Bayley though because my four year old loves her and had such a smile to see the card. I might have to pull another one to give her one...

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