Thursday, May 31, 2018

Pack Attack - 2017 Topps Series 1

Here we have the last pack out of the assorted pack box from this past week end, so let's see if this was a worthwhile purchase overall...

Flagship Topps are a good enough pack to pull, but will there be anything worthwhile...

Decent photos, but I do find sometimes, there are too similar and there isn't enough variety or uniqueness to the shots - unfortunately because I think they save those for the variation short prints. The entire set should be shot like the short print photos.

Speaking of good photos - the Ortiz one is a great one, and this is the standard base card. With David and it being his last season there are about 10 different variation cards I believe and most, if not all, have great photos that are more meorable.

I do have one, and now two, but I will happily accept it for the Jays content in the pack.

We finish off with an insert - the obvious 1987 designed throwback, with a David Dahl rookie card. You know it is a rookie card because of the not so retro RC logo which I wish for this design, they would have just left off, but a minor point. Besides, the glossy finish and lighter wood grain colour would be enough to discern this from the original set before looking at the card number.

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