Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pack Attack - 2015 Panini USA Stars & Stripes

The good news on this one is that it is a hobby pack.

It isn't a set I will really ever care about collecting, so this is all about maybe pulling an insert or parallel to keep. My hopes were high initially as the pack felt thick, but on opening it, I got a dummy card and the following...

Isn't the cards - I cut off a bit of the white border in my scan - oops. The design is a decent one, and I wouldn't mind a Topps set, maybe with a team logo instead of the Stars and Stripes logo, slightly smaller.

I did happily get a couple cards for keeping...

A longevity parallel card - easily spotted with the foil background.

No matter the subject, Diamond King inserts or subsets are pretty darn cool and collectible. I am still solidly behind the older designs, and this isn't one of my favourites, but still above average as far as designs are concerned.

So that's the quick pack for today....see you again tomorrow!


  1. "...still above average as far as designs are concerned."

    Compared to the DK in DOnruss this year, that design is a frigging Bugatti Veyron compared the the Yugo in Donruss.

    1. Yeah, I was shocked when I saw the current year design - just no trying whatsoever....