Monday, September 23, 2019

A new to me Walmart Product

One of the repack products I have seen at Walmart for a while and haven't bothered picking up are the 35 random hockey cards (okay, not so random...). Here is the back of the product as it was easier to scan...

You can tell that there are really "chunks" of cards rather than completely random packs, just by looking at the side of the packs. I was guessing that the large chunk on this one was early 90s Upper Deck and I could see some 2012-13 Score which I am slowly building, so I figured why not.

The downside of the pack then ended up being that Upper Deck chunk that I was right about...because I had most of them...

I was also right about the Score, but a couple dupes there too.

At least it does show that these include some inserts which is about the only redeeming part of the pack.

These are the inserts that I didn't have yet, so the best of what was in there. 35 cards and not a single Leaf card. As for the rest of the keepers...

The surprise part of the pack are the Leaf and Samsonov cards as those I couldn't see them from the side.

The pack was $5 - probably not worth doing again, but for the interest to figure out what was in these, it was worth getting the one at least.

Maybe I can save you from bothering, unless these sets are your thing.


  1. 1990-91 Upper Deck is such a great looking set. Found wax boxes for about $15 delivered on eBay. Can't believe they're so cheap these days.

  2. Probably not worth it but fun. Love the Upper Deck set especially the art cards. Lots of good ones. Have not seen these packs at my Wal-Mart before. Great post.

    1. Definitely not worth it for the cards, but the fun is really the value.