Friday, September 27, 2019

Finishing the Magic

Today, let's look at the second half of the 401games common/uncommon card pick up to see if I do in fact get my "artifact cards" money worth.

So yeah, definitely worth the money on this one as half of these were new to the collection as well. Also nice to get a couple more Golems - not the biggest of baddies, but decent creatures.


Very similar start to the first half as far as years and sets. Definitely some decent red cards.

These 9 start and end with interesting cards. Elvish aberration is a solid creature with a higher casting cost because of the mana it can produce. On the other end, Bring Low does some solid damage for the 4 mana casting cost.

The good news - there are 51 cards here, so I wasn't short changed a card or two - not that I would be overly upset given the artifacts that I got out of the pack.

Not sure I would buy one of these again, but did well enough on this one.

Those not too interested in Magic cards - back to some sports cards tomorrow!

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