Sunday, September 15, 2019

Does Thickness Matter?

Today is the first of the 5 "thicker" 2009-10 Artifact hockey packs. I am hoping that I luck out and get one or maybe two hits since the odds are apparently 1 in 36 packs for memorabilia cards, and 1 in 20 packs for the serial numbered base cards.

This is the last year of cards showing Modano as a Star. I still am not a fan of the fact that he spent the next (and his last) season with Detroit. Yeah - I, like most, may want to not remember that last season. Much rather remember him for the 20 seasons with the Stars.

If I recall, the Stars were looking for another direction, and Mike wasn't ready to simply retire, so decided to go home since he lives just outside of Detroit. I can't even imagine how hard such a decision must be between retiring and hanging them up, or going somewhere else to keep playing.

And lastly...

Yeah, no luck in this pack as far as hits go...maybe tomorrow.

6 Packs, 28 cards, 84 points.

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  1. Yeah... as a huge fan of Modano, I try to forget his year in Detroit as well.