Friday, September 20, 2019

Childhood McD

I have mentioned this before, but there is one McDonald's set which stood out in my mind from my childhood more than any other. I am not exactly sure why, because I never had a bunch of these cards. At one point, I am sure I had maybe half the set, but not on purpose. I didn't collect them specifically, but had them. I also went to McDonalds not overly regularly (in no way did I ever feel my childhood lacked because of it, but we were definitely poor as a family as we lived in subsidized housing, etc).

However it ended up though, this is the McD set that I remember most, and quite fondly too (actually probably the biggest food issue set I remember as a child....1994-95 Upper Deck McDonalds cards...

So shiny, and they scan so pretty too!

I received all of these in a trade with andyroy3 at TCDB. I have the rest of my missing cards in this set listed, as at this point, I want to finish this one off. It is only 40 cards, so not a big set by any means, but since I have well over half now - it's move to my "let's finish this one off" list.

Big thanks for the help on this to andyroy3, a great trader, and someone I hope to trade with again soon!.


  1. I don't recall ever seeing these before, they're pretty snazzy though. If I was more interested in hockey, I could see myself wanting to collect these.

  2. First time I'm seeing these cards, too. The technology must have felt pretty cool back in 1994-95!

    1. That's what I remember - the "wow, these are cool" when first getting them. They still stand out to me as a "shiny done right" kind of card.

  3. Cool set. I think I might have the Ozolinsh sitting somewhere in my collection. When I think of McDonalds... the first set that comes to mind are the 1986 football cards.