Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Not Another Completed Set

A very small PWE today and a bit larger wrestling PWE as well.

First a small PWE that I have had for a while, but have not been able to put away yet, so first, apologies to Mike for taking so long to post this one. Probably the smallest trade I have had with Mike from Not Another Baseball Card Blog, but the best as it finishes a set off for me - yay!

Not exactly a star card, but just happens to be the last card of the base set that I needed to finish off 1988 Donruss. This is the 12th set I have been able to complete this year which is, by far the largest number of sets I have completed in a year (yes, I do include insert sets as sets, but my rules).

There happened to be a couple other cards for the collection as well, but not of the same level of need.

An error card (wrong listing for number of games on the back)

The cards then finish with a food issue Jays card of Dave Winfield.

Much appreciated Mike - some times it isn't the number of cards in a trade that matter.

The second PWE trade was with TCDB member mrmike and is all wrestling as I start on the 2015 WWE flagship set.

With the base set being only 100 cards, this is a good bunch to add to a set that I will likely finish one of these days. Only about 30 cards in so far, but definitely one I plan to complete.

Bray Wyatt, in a couple incarnations, has been great from the personality/character side, but just hasn't been able to reach and stay at that next level long term. That said, the current Fiend persona is a great, unique character which does come across as downright freaky/scary. Nice seeing him here though even in the pre-Fiend, post-Husky phase.

Until next time - follow the buzzards!


  1. Love the 2015 Topps design and it looks great with the WWE. Good post.

  2. Congrats on completing the set!

    1. Thanks - I think I am going to blow my goal of 10 sets for the year out of the water. May end up close to 20. Amazing what a bit of focus can do.

  3. Are you building the 2015 Topps Chrome WWE set too? I bought a shoebox filled with cards at the flea market and there were some singles from this set in it. Let me know if you have a wantlist, I might be able to help.

    1. Not a set I am specifically working on - and one I actually don't have any base cards from at the moment, but would always be a welcoming home if you need somewhere for them to stay.