Sunday, September 22, 2019

Fires and Beers

Today is a good day as any day I get to share a trade with a new trade partner, is a good day. Today, that new partner is FiresNBeers.

Though I have the 1991 Fleer set complete, I am missing a number of error and variation cards which I collect, so this knocked off a lot of the ones I still needed.

Other than that, a nice bunch of Jays that I didn't have and one 1991 Leaf card of the two that I needed for that set. Some time in the next few months - before the end of the year - I should track down the last and knock that set off my "still to finish" list.

In something rare these days, I did get a Listia win delivered today. Nothing too special as I haven't spent much time accumulating points through surveys.

A second copy for my collection of Magic artifact cards. Nothing overly special but nice just the same.


  1. Magic cards are starting to pop up at my local flea markets. Saw a guy with a big collection of them two weeks ago at one flea market. Then yesterday I saw a different guy with some more. Both times there were people going through the boxes. Wish I knew what was good in regards to MTG cards.

    1. It can be a bit all over the place - really old cards can be good, and more recent cards that are still tournament legal are good, but there are some good quick sites to check prices on, but would be hard to do when going through a box. If I ever see a box to go through, I'd just pull out all the artifacts depending on the price, and take my chances.