Saturday, September 21, 2019

A Quick 15 and deal with the devil

Today, a quick 15 card hockey pack from Dollarama. This one was a random grab - no Leaf showing, but hopefully one within.

As it turns out, no such luck, but some keepers...

About half and half with this one, which isn't great. There are however a couple interesting cards in this bunch. I like the Brodeur In The Game card, and the Joe Thornton is another decent card since I have a few of the cards and the set is only about 30 cards.

The rest of the cards which are up for trade...

No surprise that there are a bunch of late 80s and early 90s cards, but just happens I have more than usual when it comes to this pack.

Still working on a couple of the sets, while a couple others are completed, but regardless - all for trade, so let me know if you need any of these.

I'll wrap up with a trade with DukeyDevil at TCDB which helped with a few needs.

The deal sent me six cards, starting with these...

These deal with a few different items - a set need, an error card and a couple wacky things went to their heads.

The crux of the deal though was picking up these two cards...

The last pieces that I needed to complete the Stan Musial puzzle which means another completed set for me this year.

A great little trade and as always, much appreciated.

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  1. Stieb is absolutely ripped on that 1992 Topps Kids card.