Friday, September 13, 2019

Goalies and greenies

So 8 cards of the 100 card pure base set and plenty to shouldn't have any problem getting another pack of new to me base cards.

We finished yesterday with a goalie, and start today with another. Tim Thomas had a great run for Boston (unfortunately for a Leafs fan as he tended to do well against Toronto).

Personally, I preferred Fleury over Thomas though, and yes, that may be in part a bias, but mostly because Pittsburgh is my #2 team.

Since the days of Mario, Pittsburgh always sat behind the Leafs as the second best team on my list.

It does raise a good question though - most people have a favourite team (home tean or otherwise), but do you have a second favourite team, and if so, what is the draw for team number 2?

4 Packs, 18 cards, 54 points.

As for the greenies, as there wasn't any of that yet in this post, I did a trade with a new TCDB trade partner, alh who is in Hawaii. He made an offer about a green parallel I didn't know of, and he offered a good bunch of them.

A bunch of 2007 Upper Deck Predictor Edition parallel Blue Jays. I went from having none to a bakers dozen in the single trade.

Honestly - the colour just doesn't jive well with the Jays, but it does stand out and is unique.

As you can see, he also threw in a couple of Leaf cards out of 1995-96 Metal, which were cards I didn't have either.

I will say, it took a few weeks for the PWE to get to me, which is fine, I am never in a rush to receive these trades, but more of interest in noting the delay given they came from Hawaii.

Thanks again for the trade!


  1. I always liked the look of that Artifacts set.

    As far as the teams, the Red Wings have been my hometown and favorite team all my life. I do have a second team (Vegas) and even a third (Nashville).

    For Vegas, I was really into the whole expansion process and followed it very closely once the franchise was awarded. Vegas is also one of my favorite cities to visit in the US.

    1. I will say, Vegas has had the effect I gather they wanted, a fair number of new fans interested in the team, and that followed it especially given the success they had early.