Monday, September 30, 2019

Moving the rest of the baseball cards

So the Jays are done for the year and Justin Smoak may be done with the Jays. A rough year, and though they seemed to start fairly strong, it didn't hold up too well and they couldn't get to 70 wins, let along .500 for the year.

A good year for developing talent though, and the future does look bright for the next few year. I think there is enough there that, depending on the off season moves, a .500 record would be the goal for next year with possible playoff push the year after, but that's if all goes well.

Vladdy Jr. had a solid debut campaign. He didn't light it up the way expectations were looking for him to, but I think the expectations were a little too high really.

So, as the playoffs start for some teams, for the Jays, it is back to the drawing board until the next season.

Well, something keeping me busy (whether baseball playoffs are on or not) is the refocusing of my collection. This is a bigger project than I thought as far as separating out the cards from sets I am not going to collect, and keeping track of what sets I am still keeping (which is quite the hodgepodge as it were). As it works out, I "narrowed to just under 100 baseball card sets I will still take cards from - though a handful are very near completion as it is. It may narrow further, but I think this is a good start as I knocked out about 150 sets that I will no longer have cards from.

Most of these sets, I am not going to call the rest of the cards "wants", but moreover, cards I will take if nothing else when trading with someone. I think there is enough variety in the baseball cards for that to work.

Well, what would a post be without some card scans, so here is a glimpse of some of the rest of the baseball cards I moved out of the collection - nothing too fancy, but from about 1995 to 2010, there aren't too many sets I have a good start on for keeping purposes.

He, were start getting into the mid-90s where, I really just have bits and pieces, so many cards that I just donèt need to keep as there arenèt a lot of sets I am passionate about completing as a whole.

You do at least get some different designs (well from other baseball sets - the 1997-98 Donruss design was used for hockey too, and that set I did complete).

A number of sets where I do only have one card, are likely from the various Dollarama baseball card repacks I have picked up on and off the last couple years....Hi Frank!,  am looking at you.

I only have the one 2009 O Pee CHee card - but the stadium card is a really nice one. Not a set I will likely complete, or really have a desire to so, it goes too.

Hard on some of the Heritage and Archive sets to get rid of cards (I do like the Molitor for example), but just doesnèt make sense to keep. My justification is, worst case, I may have to pick up the few cards I am getting rid of now, later, if I change my mind, and I can handle that when it's only a hand for of cards like this.

Too many other sets I put ahead of it though, so again, still feel like these are all good decisions.

Yeah, many more of the Honus Bonus cards, but even with about 40-50 of these, it is a large set, and one I really don't overall like the design for, so off it goes too.

With those out of the way, time to go through hockey, and can knock this reorganization off the to do list.


  1. ooOOooooo That Padres ballpark card is nice....

    1. When I pulled it, I immediately put it aside for you - not to worry. :)

  2. The 2009 OPC team checklist card is super cool. So is the Fleer Ultra Willie McGee.