Thursday, September 5, 2019

The other half, but is it better?

That is the question as we look at the second half of one of those 8 hockey card packs from Dollarama. So, let's start with the best...

Sure, may only be two Leaf cards, but a 1997-98 Black Diamond Leaf? I'll take it as it is new to my collection and the first Leaf from that set (sweet!). So right off the bat, this is the better half for me.

An insert bugs me. Same with Victory - those sets that were inserts some years and then standalone products others...makes it really hard to follow looking back 20 years of which is which.

The rest of the keepers...

A bit surprised how In The Game set heavy this pack was. I don't necessarily say that as a bad thing, just more an observation. Again, some of the sets just aren't my thing, but would still want the Leafs - just no luck in getting those here.

Nice to see a 2018-2019 Upper Deck card representing fairly new sets as well.

As for the traders...

Not bad in numbers, but the usual suspects for the main part. Oh Bowman, at times I wish they would just make these 75 card packs and just sell Bowman sets separately for $4 instead.

We will end today with a single card Listia win - nothing too spectacular, but for pennies including shipping, couldn't say no to my 6th copy...

Nothing like an 80s Jay to end the post.

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  1. Back in the day, I jumped on the Mike Johnson bandwagon... grabbing as many 1997-98 rookie cards as I could get my hands on. Not sure what happened to all of them. Must have passed them on to the guy who bought my collections in the early 2000's. I did keep his Beehive autograph from that year though. He was the last card I needed for that set.