Sunday, January 8, 2023

2021-22 Upper Deck Hockey

 Well, if it's going to be a flagship set, it's going to be fairly easy to get onto my radar.

I have all of a handful of the base cards - you know - me always living a few years behind on cards coming out so...nothing really other than what I picked up through trades for my Leaf collection.

I like the design...and at least the small second picture on the front isn't "squished" like the mid-90s Upper Deck similar design, so kudos for eventually learning from past mistakes.

I don't have any other sets for 2021-22 on my list...except for the MVP set that I put on the list just the other day, so why not add a second?

Guess I have Jeff to thank for getting me into collecting cards that are newer than what I am use to - though I am still not going to run out and buy boxes of new products. Much rather wait and pick up the base cards for pennies in a few years.

Jeff's pile of cards (not all scanned here, since I am keeping them) included a few Leafs and a couple Dazzler inserts too. I have to say, in hand, those Dazzler cards are darn snzaay - really great looking.

Still plenty more hockey cards from Jeff to go through!

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