Monday, January 23, 2023

Merry Timmies!

 I mentioned before that my mom, like in prior years, bought a bunch of Tim Hortons hockey packs which she gave me for Christmas. As it turned out, there happened to be one other pack....

I of course am putting one of the Tim Hortons' NHL packs away for the unopened pack collection, but had to debate what to do with the Team Canada pack. I won't collect it - it's not an NHL level set, and no "Leafs" to collect as I count them as Team Canada cards throughout (which they are). So, let's just open that pack today and look at the "regular" Timmies cards starting tomorrow.

Wow - a great pack indeed. McDavid would be one of the best base cards to get (maybe Gretzky is slightly better, but that's about it, and the Trios cards are in every 24 packs, and getting this trio, is a solid $20 based on ebay sales.

Excellent and great for trading...almost enough to change my mind on the set as a whole, but we will see what I can get in exchange for these in cards I do need/collect.


  1. Congratulations on pulling that Trios card. Is it lenticular?

  2. Ugh so jealous! Wish I had a Tim Hortons. Congrats on pulling the insert.