Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Liking The Binder

 So as I start opening the Timmies packs for the 2022-23 set (30 packs to open, 3 a day, so just a single scan of 3 packs of 3 cards), this is the first year I have the set binder I can work to fill.

I only have 2 cards of the base set and no inserts ahead of starting to open these packs, but the binder is perfect for holding all of the base and insert sets - except the most rare of rare items like autos and relics, but doubt that will be an issue. With 120 card base set and about as many insert cards, it's a nice little binder to fill!

No dupes on the first go, which is excellent, and as for the inserts - they are as pretty as ever. I am guessing that I will still enjoy the gold etchings the best, but that Spectrum Kadri is pretty sweet.

Now, as long as my counting is alright - I can put these in their final resting homes in the Timmies binder right from the start!

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