Saturday, January 7, 2023

2021-22 Upper Deck MVP

 I wasn't sure how best to go through the hockey cards Jeff sent, so I figured I might as well look first at a few of the sets that have a fair number of cards, just a bit easier to log them anyway, and nice to see how much there is of any particular set, which works into whether I collect the set or not.

So, with over 20% of the set base cards in the pile, I scanned some of them, but not all, since I am going to keep them and work on this set (added to the list!).

MVP is a low end product all considering, but the cards are pretty nice in design. Sure there aren't the big hits to chase, but as a base set, I like them!

The only part of the back that I notice for not being great, is lack of another picture. The cards are clean and easy to read though. Looking closer, sure, you only get up to 5 years of stats instead of full in smaller print, but that's fine...there's always O Pee Chee for full stats.

A couple new to me Leafs - this set hadn't yet been on my want list on TCDB...but I stuck the Leafs on I am still missing when inputting these cards. A silver script, and a fair number of "Ice Battles" parallel cards.

As you can see, instead of stats on the back, we get video game like rating on abilities for each of the players. An interesting take on a parallel.

Love the experience of getting to look through a bunch of new to me cards, in a set that I am not yet collecting. Definitely a nice set overall, and happy to have it onto my list as well.

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