Saturday, January 21, 2023

Just Buy Singles

 Well, Christmas gifts are (for the most part), meant to be opened. Another gift from my brother that is in the "cards" realm is this one...

I don't buy these because, well, there aren't usually any that are artifact focused, but also because, for the price, I am better off just buying the singles that I want instead. Well, as it's a gift, let's open it to see what is inside and what, if anything I will keep. At being twice as expensive as a booster pack, you get more than twice the cards, but a promise of only one rare or mythic, so no more real upside than a pack.

5 collection keepers - all quarter common cards, so not a lot of value to someone caring about artifacts. As I have mentioned, I am building some decks, hopefully some keepers for that purpose in the rest (dupes not scanned where applicable).

Well, I did end up with a mythic which is valued at a few bucks, so could have been worse. The card itself isn't one that will fit in the white deck I built, so maybe I can use it as trade fodder.

Seeing the details of the cards in the pack - I get why these don't impress me. It's not enough to really put a deck together, and not enough to really build around in a single colour, it's just a decent smattering of cards from a set with a loose theme.

I will say, this morning, my daughter asked me if I had any magic cards with cats on them, so she got a good kick out of seeing this pack since there were a few cards in it that fit her criteria. Too bad more didn't hit mine.

I think, as a way of clearing some more Christmas stuff, I'll keep with the Christmas gift theme for a few more days before getting back into the COVID lot of cards that I still have a way to work through.

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