Monday, January 16, 2023

Hockey From Oren

Only fair that since I went over one bunch of Christmas cards from someone out there reading, I follow it with another such package. This one comes from across the border as Oren living down in the be vague enough...sent across an amazing bubble mailer of hockey and baseball cards he had been nice enough to put aside for me. So, let's take a look at the hockey today, and the baseball tomorrow since there's a decent amount of each.

As you all know - I collect all dupes for my Leafs and Jays, which at least makes it easier for those putting cards aside for me, I mean, whether I have it or not, I love to trade for it!

It may surprise though, many of these cards were needed anyway, like the 2010-11 Donruss, and the Boyle retro is a great one too. Not too many cards of him with the Leafs though given he was only here for a partial season. According to TCDB, there are only 6 such cards - Boyle as a Leaf. Now I

2019-20 Upper Deck flagship set, still have needs and these covered a few. I also appreciate the dupes, especially of cards I really like such as the alternate uniform Nylander.

Same can be said with the 2020-21 base card Leafs too. Love having the multiples, and especially love more Marner cards.

Continuing with the newer cards, and a number of which, I need, we get plenty of 2021-22 O Pee Chee. The blue border is a personal favourite of course. I mean, it's just so complimentary for the Leafs.

We end with proof that Auston was obviously a cop in the 70s with that mustache. Kidding aside....not a fan of his facial hair, but whatever floats your boat I guess. I am a fan of the newest MVP set design. I think I prefer 2021-22 slightly more - which is why I bought a retail box on boxing day sales over the break....but I digress. Still, even a light blue with Leaf blue is pretty cool for design.

A great bunch of cards, and very much appreciated Oren, thank you! Tomorrow, let's peek at the baseball!


  1. I like that blue border Zach Hyman, and the MVP singles are slightly better this year. Or maybe it's just the Leafs.

    1. Either way - I'm fine even if it's just with the Leafs being better. ;)