Sunday, January 29, 2023

Leafy Goodness

Always look for days in opening these Timmies packs, where I luck out and get multiple Leaf cards - and today is that lucky day.

Sure, the Cole Montreal card is a dupe, but we get a Marner base, and an InMotion Bunting Leaf card as well, so today is definitely a win.

After some games over a couple years in Arizona, Bunting became a Leaf and being a hometown boy from Scarborough (same as me), glad to see him doing well with the Buds. It's always nice to see athletes given the chance to compete for their hometown team. I would think it's extra motivation to do well for the player, so you end up getting a better overall performance, and I guess more bang for your buck by the team.

A few more days of cards to go through, and hopes to get the binder even more full!