Saturday, January 28, 2023

Adding Some Flow

 Three more packs of 2022-23 Timmies hockey cards today, and we get our first Flow of Time insert, which fall every 24 packs, so it may be the only one I pull.

The card marks Benn's 9th season as team captain, which is the most in franchise history. It's a nice look at then and now for a player, so another insert concept I can get behind.

A couple more base dupes again, so looks like I may end up just short of half way on the base set if this keeps up, but just means I will have some work to do getting the rest by way of trade once I am doing going through these.


  1. Why does Tim Horton have better inserts than regular UD?

    1. Well, I think regular UD looks a bit more for quantity of insert sets instead of quality, but agreed, quality seems to be more present with the Timmies set.