Thursday, January 12, 2023

Always Like An MVP

 I went through the rest of the hockey cards that Jeff passed along, and pulled out those from the MVP sets, so let's see what's there...

Okay, I appreciate the Leaf card, like inserts that are new to me...but even I have to admin, that Youppi! Mascot insert card is just awesome! I am going to have to take a hard look at the rest of the cards in that 2021-22 MVP insert set because if the whole set looks this awesome...I might have to actually go after them!

Not too many MVP cards, but here are the ones up for grabs if anyone is interested...

I actually already had the couple Sniper insert cards, and am not building the 2020-21 base set, that covers most of these. I do like the designs, and it doesn't matter to me that these are "low end", they are still a great base set to collect.

I presume most out there are collectors, and whether the card is high or low end, it doesn't really make the cards better or worse in your eyes. What are some of your favourite "low end" sets?

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  1. There are times when Topps opening day or Topps big league are fun low end sets. I never understood why that happened with MVP, but they've made some decent sets with interesting inserts the past few years.