Sunday, January 22, 2023

The Mean Streets

 We saw the Streets of New Capenna in the deck a couple days ago, now to see if we have any luck with a draft booster pack - another of the gifts from my brother.

I hate the extra packaging on the hangers - such a waste of materials - but I do understand the need as far as selling in box stroes )this one came from Mastermind Toys). Anyway, let's strip off that extra layer...

Much better. Now with these packs, you either hit a money card and it's worthwhile, or you don't. I'm going to lean towards don't being the case here, but let's see...

All new to me common cards, but nothing that blows my socks off, and nothing that falls to the artifact collection.

Well, the good is I get one artifact keeper - though it's really like a quarter card, so not big value. As for the rare Widespread Thieving - it's a quarter card too, so a complete bust on the pack.

Can't win them all unfortunately - though the packs I go through tomorrow should have much more for me to keep!

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