Monday, January 2, 2023

Starting With Jeff....Great Scott!

 As I mentioned last month, I was able to meet together with local blog read, Jeff, who I met up with to give him some Boston Bruins cards, and he had a bunch of stuff for me, which I will start going through today.

Specifically today, we have some non-baseball and non-hockey cards, so these are all up for trade and on my TCDB lists. I'd happily take anything Boston Bruins related to pass along back to him if you wee anything you are interest in.

I don't think I have ever had any 1991 Pacific football cards in hand before this, but here we go. I actually like the design - not too shabby.

The newer football and all it's slashy design-y-ness isn't my thing in comparison, but it's not horrible.

I haven't been a fan of the mash sets like Goodwin and Goudey where you get a bunch of non-sport personalities and people stuck in, or cross-sports people highlighted. I think it's unique and has it's place, just not in my collection unless you have a Jays, Leaf, or wrester involved.

We then get into some newer basketball as well, which is good for trade purposes. Panini designs galore of course as it is basketball...

Though the green/emerald bordering parallels does look really nice in hand compared to the "normal" metallic/grey border.

Again, really would be happy moving any of this to get some stuff for Jeff...but if you don't have that and have Jays/Leafs cards...we can still do a trade and I will just keep an eye out for Jeff anyway!


  1. Can I claim the Jack Johnson? I'll send some Bruins your way for your already have dibs on my Leafs.

    1. Pulled Johnson aside to send to you at some point. Any others, just let me know.