Monday, January 9, 2023

Continuing A Choice

 With the cards that Jeff has provided me over the past few years, one set I have seen a fair bit of is 1995-96 Upper Deck Collector's Choice. There's been a bunch of stars, but moreso, a bunch of Players Choice parallels - and this bunch has a few too.

Some nice star power in these ones with Belfour, Shanahan, and Hasek. Of course, if you are speaking big names, the Gretzky insert set is pretty nice too....and I am only missing a couple cards from it, which are now on my TCDB want list.

Jeff's packages had previously provided some of the Crash The Board silver cards, but these are the first gold ones I have received. As you can see, also a bunch of silver ones I didn't have as well...

Still not sure I like the multiple different dates for a single "card", but happy to keep one of each of the different variations. As for the rest of the cards, which I am not they are below...though I didn't bother scanning all 11 Wayne Gretzky base cards...

Very cool bunch again today from Jeff - appreciated as have been the rest. Still plenty to go though!

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