Tuesday, January 31, 2023

And Here They Are

 Well, I guess I shouldn't have said anything about the red die cut cards as we get a couple more of them today, but at least they are new to me.

Happy to get a second Marner base card so I have one for the Leafs collection, but I didn't need the dupe Barrie card. Also doesn't help the Triumphs' insert was a dupe as well.

With so many red die cut cards, as there are 42, surprised I may end up with only 6-7 of them when all are said and done. Not sure why, but don't like them as much in this year's set as I do in the prior couple years.

1 comment:

  1. Had the same experience. Seemed to get way fewer die cuts than the odds suggested.

    Lots of dup base cards too. Tarasenko was my nemesis, must have gotten 8 or 9 of him, and still came up well short on a complete base set