Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Maximus Tradicus!

 An easy post today as I am just trying to keep onto of trades which have come in recently, so wanted to share a TCDB trade from Maximus.

I like the 1994 Pacific design and incorporation of the crown in the logo. 1997 Pinnacle baseball is another solid design. Loved the design in hockey, and it works just as well in baseball. I do have the complete hockey base set, but not enough to consider the baseball set something to collect....yet.

Fleer around the late 90s and early 2000s seems to put out as many sets as Topps does there's always plenty there I am still in need of.

I have to say, winner of the trade is the J.A. Happ card as it was the last base care needed to complete my team set. I still want the couple SPs or SSPs, but I don't "need" them to consider the actual base set done.

Big thank you for the trade - always a smile to get trade mail and awesome cards!

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  1. Email me at QAPLAGCA at yahoo if you want the rest of the Jays team in '94 Pacific. I have tons...