Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Let's See O Pee Chee

 In this episode of "the awesome cards I got recently from Jeff", we go through the O Pee Chee and O Pee Chee Platinum cards, specifically from the last couple years.

I will say, I do appreciate that the sets very clearly label the type of parallel on the back of the card, by literally spelling it out. I mean, if you are going to have 100 different parallels, it's good to make it blear which shade of blue or type of rainbow card you are looking at.

I bring this up because it made it easy to know that the Marner card is the Rainbow parallel.

A nice pick up along with the short print, higher numbers cards which are typically the Marquee Rookies, but lengends as well.

If we speak about the parallels, these start to bring it out more to the point....Pavelski is an Aquamarine SN to 499, a couple Blue Serge, a Matte Pink and a Rainbow Borovsky...I mean....shiny!

As for the cards up for grabs for trade (ideally for Boston Bruins cards) would be...

With that...still a bunch of hockey cards to share!


  1. I haven't focused on hockey cards the past decade or so, but if I ever start dedicating part of my hobby budget to it again... I'll definitely focus on OPC. Year in and year out, they're a solid looking set.

    1. They do make sore large sets too which is nice - I like the big sets and having more of the players get cards.