Friday, January 6, 2023

Finishing The Baseball

Jeff sent over a bunch of hockey cards, but before getting to those...lots of baseball to finish through first! 

We pick up from where we left off yesterday - 1990 baseball to current, and a handful of base cards from set I am woroking on. As well as a new set to add to my slow collecting list...

2021 Topps Update. I have a few of the Jays, but here, we get some more of the base cards, and I believe I may have some more in another lot I haven't yet gone through which is sitting behind the COVID lot that I am still sorting through. If I don't end up with too much, I won't bother continuing with this set, but for made the list!

Not just base card keepers for be today...

Happy to get a couple new Jays, as well as 1991 Fleer insert cards - yes, still don't have them all, but really do like them with the black borders. We also end up with a few glow backs from 1911 Topps...never know when those are going to come by either.

A few inserts, and error card and then below, we have all the cards available for trade down below...

A bunch of Griffey cards, even if all from the junk era - and 2022 Topps Heritage is not a set yet on my radar for collecting, so happy to push those or any of the other ones here off to someone if you have any Boston Bruins cards to send my way for Jeff!

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