Friday, January 13, 2023

All Decked Out

 Well, fair to look at a bunch of Upper Deck cards that Jeff sent my way. I will say, there are others as a bunch of about 20 cards were sleeved, and I will deal with those separately later, but this is the Upper Deck hockey cards otherwise, and tomorrow will be "the rest", then the sleeved items...small hint on those....serial numberings....

This first bunch above constitute the base set assistance in the cards. I do have a number of Upper Deck sets I am slowly working on, and the best of these is the 2001-02 Upper Deck Vintage rookie since those are tougher to come by, I don't think I have any others yet.

Inserts for keeps...well, plenty of those below...

Those holograms sure scan nicely! Add on a bunch of Special Edition inserts as well from the mid-90s.

Winner for the inserts though is the Black Diamond Mike Van Ryn as it is serial numbered to just 100 - very cool. Mike ended up in the NHL for about 8 years, the last being all of 27 games with Toronto.

Plenty for trading though, if you are interested on any of the below, just let me know.


  1. A. The 1991-92 UD Holograms were 100x better than the 1990-91 ones (which might just be the worst holograms I've ever seen).

    B. I remember trying to build that 1995-96 Upper Deck Special Edition insert set. Not sure if I ever completed it though.

    1. A - 1000% agreed - the difference was incredible.