Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Being Bossed around

First instance of being bossed around - I let my need to win an auction take over rather than my logic in not needing to actually win it. I ended up with the following:

So - I have a complete 1990 bowman set, and didn't need the one Leaf here, but for some reason felt the need to win nonetheless and accordingly, spent credits I didn't need to. If anyone needs any of these, let me know as I am only keeping the Ramage card...

As for the second instance...When you get a Mike Bossy card - you can overcome the small issues like using the same picture on the front and back. Add to that getting it in a 2008 Masterpieces set, and I really don't care, especially since I didn't have the card yet. Definitely the highlight today...


The rest

Only the one other keeper this time...


Plenty more Ultra 2004 basketball, including doubles. The 2003 SP Authentic base set of 90 cards (what I consider the real base set) is 2/3rds done, so getting there as well....

Specific Accomplishments
(through 2440 cards)
- Completed 2007-08 Upper Deck McDonald's Checklist Subset (6 cards)
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers ET Star Wars Rocky KISS Clue
Toronto 45 5
Inserts / Var Kept 90 4
Error 11 1
Keep 681 81
Doubles/Sell 229 13 468 489 226 8 5 2 3 1
Doubles Inserts / Var 17 24 37

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