Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pack Attack - 2007-08 Fleer Ultra Retail and another trade

I picked up a few more 1989 Topps cards for my continuing drive to complete the set from user corozco and now am over 77.5% complete (still about 170 cards or so to you won't see these on my wanted list yet). I will have to go back one day soon and just ensure my checklist is absolutely correct so there are no surprises.

The couple bigger pickups here would of course be Greg Maddux and Ozzie Smith. Another nice quick trade and much appreciated! Having sent more cards than I expected - I think I owe you a couple in return corozco!

Another pack to open from the box of 16 hockey packs box I opened a while ago. This one with cover boy Malkin....

Not a huge pack with all of 5 cards, but lets see if I happen to get lucky at all.

The former Leaf by this time had already made it through Chicago and a few years into his tenure with Nashville.

Oh how many things can be said about Sean Avery. Always found him to be a rough player and I think the league has generally moved on from his type of play (that is why they implemented rules like the Avery rule which is specific to goalie interference).

Well, looks like we have a Predator pack...Vokoun was a solid goaltender for the team for the better part of a decade, sharing duties part of that time.

Yup - Predator pack. The gold medallions fall one a pack.

These fall one in each 6 packs, so a bit of luck to get one, and to be Ovechkin - a darn good one at that. Into the insert collection this and the Gold Medallion go!

Overall, I would take this pack for the $1-$2 it cost....

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