Monday, June 13, 2016

Holy gee, Willie McGee and an on card autograph

Todays quick Listia pick up is one I debated. The card has an on card autograph which was an "in person" get. Obviously these types of cards and autographs can be fakes. I wasn't sure about it, and the person noted they include a certificate of authenticity (which I didn't put much faith in), but for the price, which was fairly low (probably based on these facts), I figured why not. So I picked up...

This is a 1978-79 Topps card which I didn't have anyway, so there was that. I did some research looking up who was selling the card and it looked like a legit small business type guy. Having the card (and the certificate of authenticity which he did up himself) in hand, I don't think it is a fake, but would never sell it as 100% legit, just in case. A nice card for the collection anyway.

Solid baseball players with long careers, solid careers, that just don't make it to the Hall - a long long list to be sure. Willie McGee is definitely one of those players. He would never be quite good enough for the hall,


A career .295 hitter - not quite .300, and not a lot of power, but solid through the 80's and 90's, and in a set I have only seen from one or two cards I already pulled and showed here.


Austin returns again....and already had both cards...and another In The Game card - though I put it here just to joint the Austin is at least a different team logo....

The rest


I don't have many 1988 Leaf cards, but happen to have Kal's card. As for the 2008 Donruss Threads - these are all ones I don't have - of them, I do like the Bernard card for being the little bit different and not being an action shot like the rest.

Through 2640 cards:
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