Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pack Attack - 2003-2004 Victory

Today let's open a pack that, I have absolutely no cards from, so here are 6 for the collection - but let's see if there are any inserts or Leafs....

6 cards, so let's see what we have!

The design is okay - nothing spectacular, but I find the colurs and name spot taking up the bottom third of the card is a bit excessive - but at least the stats on the back are all years (in this case, all 12 years).

Not my favourite Bruins jersey - but sufficient as an alternative.

As for the last two cards....

Well - that makes this pack a win. One of my favourite players is Alexander Mogilny. I was thrilled when he came to Toronto, even if it was during the downside of his career (he was still quite good, but a step down from a few years earlier). Definitely always picture him as a Sabre though. Speaking of Sabres, an insert of Ryan Miller (though these fall one in every two packs) is a nice get also.

Hopefully the next pack will be just as nice.

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