Monday, May 22, 2017

Big Hurt - feels great!


Another one of the inserts (of the only insert set) from 1991-92 Pro Set Platinum. I'm not sure why the picture of Rob Blake sitting on Kelly Hrudey's head would be the choice for the card. It is an interesting picture nonetheless, but no where connected to the subject matter on the back (other than if we are trying to stress how close to his own goal he was as a solid defenceman).

The rest

I love the Frank Thomas card here (always have). Though I don't collect his cards, because I don't collect any specific players,he would be on the shortlist of those I would consider. With that said, it definitely looks like he is about to rip into someone for taking his bubble gum...or something similar - definite "I'm about to whoop someone" look.


Too bad the writing is so faded on the redemption card. I'd love to know who it was for, even if it is well past and used - just a mild curiosity. Oh well.

I also like the Fleer Tradition for the fact it was during WIllis' time with the Raptors.

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