Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pack Attack - 2005-06 ITG Heroes and Prospects

You may ask me...why are you opening this...

Well, all of two reasons. First, for you! I figured it was a good enough pack to open here. Second, why not? Okay, not great reasons, and I don't think there are any base cards I really care to have or collect, and at this point I have all of 5% of the set from what has come out of the Santa Lot, but let's play a game with all 5 of these cards and see how successful each player ended up far...

Ryan Stone - Made it to the NHL for parts of three season 2007-08 through 2009-10, and in 35 games had 7 assists. He played these games for Pittsburgh and Edmonton.

Jeff Tambellini - More successful yet, spent 2005-2011 in the NHL with the Kings, Islanders and then ended off with the Vancouver

Team Cherry Insert - Mathieu Carle - 3 games with Montreal...that's it. Not a bad insert though...

Brandon Sutter - The most successful in the pack so far. Almost 600 games in the NHL thus far and over 100 career goals.

Ron Hextall - I think we have a winner. Not a surprise given he is the only Hall of Famer card in the pack. Interesting as it appears the gold overlay on the Heroes and Prospects wording is off.

I don't mind the "old" black and white look for the Heroes cards, and the design is alright otherwise, though the colour scheme being team specific (I presume) can make the set as a whole unusual when put together.

Well, not a bad pack, but nothing I am overly thrilled with. I am still loosely keeping these as, with the Heroes cards, there is enough reason to keep all the cards for now. Would definitely trade for better though if anyone is interested.

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