Sunday, May 14, 2017

Now to the Jays portion of the trade

Yesterday was the set adds part of the box from Greg, but today, plenty of Jays!

Excellent earl Jays pick ups, 1979 Topps which I do not have. These were the earliest Jays by far, but plenty in the package that were needs (actually, almost all of them were new adds for the collection). First I have seen of the Topps Kids cards with this Alomar. The design screams early 90s and directed at kids...definitely bang on for what they were going for.

The 1992 Upper Deck are dupes, but more than happy to get these incase I end up going for the full set. Definitely not a set yet on my radar, but never know when that will change.

I really like the Jack Morris photo - very good pick, almost something I would expect out of Studio. As for the rest, the 1992 Topps is a basic design, but some nice photos here, however not a fan of the subset 1992 Draft Pick design - just do not like the exact overhead of the diamond background.

When I think Jays managers, it will always be Cito first (unless someone comes along I guess, and wins a handful of World Series with the Jays, but do not see that happening any time soon). I think that is it for the earliest Jays, then we make an awesome jump into a time period that I did not collect of today is from 2005...

The unis are not my favourite, and the excessive use of black just does not jive with me for the Jays-  though I know it was or is popular for all teams to have it used, even if just in a third uni.

Then you have these Donruss Champions cards which SCREAM auto me. Or atleast, add a swatch on the other side. These are great designs for either, but look off as a plain base card.

As for 2005 DOnruss Hometown Heroes, a decent design we have seen a few cards from out of the Santa Lot, but excellent to knock off half the Jays or so.

No surprise that I really like the Cracker Jack throwback design. The red is a little abrasive, but excellent otherwise and the faux old look of the card, clear as can be on the back.

The Heritage is nice, but I will say, the Cracker Jack design is still my preferred design for 2005.

A bunch of amazing Jays and a big thanks to Greg, but that isn├Ęt all - next weekend will be two more days of cards to finish off the nice, big tray.

Another big thanks to Greg!