Sunday, May 21, 2017

The last of the GCA Trade

Here we are with the last, but definitely not least, of the cards I received from Greg. Here we go from about 2006 to current with plenty of Jays I did not have until now...

I was going to go on about the nice look of the Roy Heritage card, but I think I found the first Artifacts set that I don't full out love. 2006 Artifacts - I'm not sure if it is the colour, or the border, but these are more just...meh...

The 2007 Fleer remind me of O Pee Chee sets here...but we will get to that a bit later actually. As for the 2007 Topps, we have seen the design many times before given Topps kept the design the same across the sports that year. I like the white Opening Day colouring for the Jays cards compared to the blakc.

Here are my first Goudey cards - so square! Just to be contradictory I like the black border on the Topps. Out of curiosity - anyone out there try to put together the massive Documentary set? There is a massive undertaking! Also, here are some 2009 Pee-Chee...

...and one more. Here we get into the 10s as well. Not a fan of the photo used for the Cooperstown card and Alomar, but the design is alright.

Heritage and Gypsy Queen - both sets I could enjot getting more of...

I have had some 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes before and they are pretty neat for what they are, so good to get a number of the Jays from the set.

Lastly...yep - needed both versions of EE - and here they are!

That's it - great bunch of cards and a great thank you again to Greg for the trade and bunch of awesome cards for the collect.


  1. Glad you needed most of them. That Bautista sticker thingy was just going to get lost in my dupes box, so it's good that it went to a nice home.

    My friend is three cards away from the entire 2008 Doc set, believe it or not.

    1. Wow - crazy to be almost done that set. How do you best display it when it basically takes up a monster box....