Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pack Attack - 1990-91 Pro Set and Listia win

First off - glad to see the Cavs get a win, and hopefully take a run at making a series of it against the Warriors - it has been done before....and that may mentally be an issue for the Warriors too.

So I was at Toys R Us not too long ago, and there were packs of 1990-91 Pro Set for about 50 cents each, so I figured it was a sign to keep working on completing the set that I haven't really been working on to try and complete.

At this point I'm over 50% complete, but having picked up a number of packs, hope I can add another 5 - 10% on that completion.

So here is one of the packs - oh - and given the high error rate, also good for getting some keepers that way:

First, let's see what I don't need...

Already had the Leetch from the All-Star subset, but the others are not big star names - I am more happy that out of the 15 cards, only 4 I don't need.

Here are the error cards I will be keeping - I already had the Carpenter, so now one for the set and one for the error binder.

I don't need Leafs for the Leaf collection, but glad to get more to ensure enough for the full set.

Some pretty good names knocked off here. Great to get Guy and Lowe here. My fave though is definitely Ron Francis - best Whaler of all time.

Not a bad first pack from what I got at Toys R Us - hopefully the packs...are just as helpful.

I also want to bring up one quick win from Listia. There was a nice Upper Deck Rookie Portrait card for the Leaf collection, so I picked that up, but the sender delayed sending, apologized and threw in an extra card. Here are the two I got...

Though the sticker placement isn't great, it's a free serial numbered auto, so no complaints here! I don't have many, so it is a nice add. Definitely left good feedback for that one...

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