Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pack Attack - 2015 Panini USA Stars & Stripes

Before getting into the pack, a quick nice collection add. Was able to get 5 and a half boxes of packs off someone close through Kijiji for $40. Nothing amazing, but stuff that should help complete a couple sets (early 90s O Pee Chee baseball) and get a couple more to the point of wanting to complete them. I'll probably save these for a bit and open them here (of course). Nice to find these once and a while though on Kijiji.

So this pack...

Well (my guess) be more interesting than the ones yesterday, though I am guessing there won't be much again I will care to keep. Given it is a hobby pack, my main reason to open it is, I am hoping for a hit and am curious enough to pull it - though again, my prediction is, I will gladly trade it for something similar in a Jays uniform if anyone is interested, but let's see if that holds true...

I like that the "why" is answered on the front of the card by putting "18U National Team" right across the top. The logo takes up a lot of real estate, but with the overall design of the card, this doesn't take away from the picture much so I can live with it. Unless I otherwise note on these, the players have not made the majors yet.

A player that, although not in the majors yet, has continued to progress and the 2014 1st round pick might get there in another year or two.

Interesting how the stands seem to generally be cropped out of the photos - wonder if they were packed or half full...

Well, at least the others appear to be game shots - this one, not so much...which makes me question the others...

Yeah - I will probably hang on to this ad card as well, in case anyone has an interest in it.

Finally someone who made it to the bigs - not a huge number of games, but with Arizona. That said, this scan doesn't do the card justice - much much nicer in hand with the blue and yellow background.

As much as the ERA there is a great stat, always hard with smaller samples, here being 16 innings. Good consistency though with the main set look.

Overall thoughts...meh - I miss the Target repacks because the ones I am getting these in, just don't do it for me. Unfortunate no real hit as far as an auto or memorabilia card, but the Crusade card is pretty nice.

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