Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pack Attack - Dollarama 15 and '95-'96 Score Hockey


Nothing like opening some new hockey cards as we get close to the end of June. I have a few of these on hand which I have picked up over the last few months as it is always nice to dip into opening something. I actually was recently at Dollarama and they have a couple new card related items. They have BASEBALL cards!!! 80 random cards for $3 - not bad, so I picked up three right away in case I never see them again. They also have 100 Magic cards for $4. Compared to 10 cards for a dollar, I presume there will be more commons in those, and some lands, but I picked one up to see if they were worth the fuss. For the baseball, I made sure to see at least on Jay quickly on each, and for the Magic cards, at least one artifact - though I am sure there will be more. Would be curious for any fellow Canucks out there, if they have seen the same at Dollarama just so I know if these are new and will be out there regularly or if I should scoop up any I see. Either way, the packs I picked up...those are for another day though. For today...

As for today - here is the pack (you will never guess what the first card is!):

So what does a successful pack look like to me? Well, a majority of cards that I don't have is ideal. Getting at least one Leaf or insert as well. If I can get those two things, I can't complain about the pack - let's see how today's goes...

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease...and into my collection as I didn't have this 2014-15 Upper Deck card.

Great photo, excellent player in Mike Modano, but I did already have this 1991-92 Pro Set Platinum card (set is around 64% complete actually).

Well here is the insert for the pack, so that one is met, and I needed it (as much as I need any insert). I only have a few of these 1994-95 Parkie Golds.

Does ANYONE need these 1990-91 Bowman hockey cards? I have a complete set, and I believe a complete Leaf team set also.

As far as singles go - don't see a lot of Score traded hockey cards, and as I have the complete set, don't need this 1990-91 Traded card.

Another set I already have completed so another card I don't need - 1991-92 O Pee Chee.

This is an exciting card - a good photo of a good player from a set I only have two other cards from.2003-04 Topps isn't the prettiest bordered card, but is right in the heart of the time for which I don't have a lot of hockey cards from, so that works out well.

Back to back goalie cards, and fairly new to my collection sets. This card is from 2000-01 Pacific Private Stock and as suggested by the name, is on thick cardboard which feels very nice. First card I have from this set.

Back to back to back goalies! 2002-03 Be A Player All-Star Edition. The colour works well for the card, nicely accentuates the All-Star game colour.

Already have this one in my collection...

Surprised to see another card from a set I have completed - 1991-92 Score American Efition - though still a decent card for a base card subset.

I was going to say I don't need this one, as per above, completed this set already, however this is an error card and thus a keeper (leader stat on the back isn't highlighted as such).

Still need about 200 cards from this set, but this isn't one of them for 1991-92 Upper Deck.

Boo - minor league hockey which I don't collect

Boo - see above, however with the heroes aspect of the set, a begrudging keeper...

Well, unfortunately this pack falls short of being a success with too many duplicates (and the couple minor league cards as well). Oh well, still really nice with the three back to back goalies in the middle though...

A quick pick me up...these arrived on Friday from a Listia win. Actually, I had won a couple card from the set I am looking to finish, and he asked what else I needed - happened he had a few Leafs I needed dupes of, so not closer to finishing the set, but I did get...

I didn't know, and he didn't say, the Johnson was a golden portrait version which was a parallel for the set. Definitely wanted it , just didn't know it was what I was getting. Anyway, a nice pick up!

You know what...since I still have a few minutes to spare, let me also show another Value Village pickup. I don't have much 1995-96 Score Hockey, so I picked up a bag I saw there for a couple bucks. Looked like just a chunk of base cards...which it was...but I did get the following....

A number of Leafs I didn't have before. Going through the cards, it's funny - all the Canadiens were missing, so I gather these came from a Montreal team collector.

Just to show some other base cards...

The design if alright - a bit too much white-ing out from the design, especially noticed on the Burke card. Less noticed on cards like Tkachuk, but still takes a bit away from the photos.

In all, 143 cards I needed for the base set. Adding these with what I had, I am at 218 of 330. Not yet at the point to chase completion, but getting there.


  1. I'll have to see if the Dollarama by my work has baseball or if they just still have the Hockey..

    Incidentally, I finally have a package ready to mail off for you.. It'll likely go out Friday.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised to see them (pleasantly so). Almost forgot about that...but definitely looking forward to it now.

    2. I hadn't forgotten.. It was starting to bother me, actually.. lol

      I'll likely take a look at Dollarama Friday