Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pack Attack - 1990-91 Pro Set

Yes, another one of these suckers...

but, not one that sucks...

Which you might think odd given these were the only non-error adds for the set:

But when you then consider these were the error adds...
Just goes to show why this set is loved for error filler reasons. Also, to be honest, the Sutter isn't an error but a variation related to the retired banner on the front, but close enough for my collection.

I also don't know why the grey strip at the bottom on the Blues card of Lalor - doesn't go at all though would be fine on say, a trophy or Kings card!

So we only ended up with a few dupes:

As well as another single Leaf for the collection...

and doesn't he look thrilled to be on a hockey card?

Not tons to say about these packs per se, but I still enjoy opening them!

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